BlueBanquise, this website, and thanks

The project

BlueBanquise is a project originally named Banquise, made to run an old system in an HPC datacenter.
Then it became BlueBanquise to manage and deploy the Algoric cluster in the lafabriqueduloch FabLab.
Now the project is autonomous and aims to provide resources to help junior and senior system administrators to deploy small to large clusters of servers.
BlueBanquise is not bounded to any company, and intends to keep the same philosophy in the future. Donations only help me pay the infra bills (website hosting and domain name, packages build and test infra electricity, and coffee ☺).


Rotated mail

The website

This website is based on the Bulma CSS framework.
Javascript for navbar is coming from codepen.
Iceberg ice floe image used at the top of this page is owned by Brett Phibbs.
Web site author: Benoît Leveugle.


I would like to thanks:
  • All contributors on Github!
  • The Fabrique du Loch for hosting the Algoric project.
  • The CINES for providing Algoric team with hardware for developments.